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Introducing the First Ever “Hypergrowth” Think Tank... GET 24/7 ACCESS to a thriving community of entrepreneurs, marketers and business owners to scale your business...
Introducing the First Ever “Hypergrowth” Think Tank... 
Get 24/7 Access to a Thriving Community of Entrepreneurs, Marketers and Business Owners to Scale Your Business...
you need more accountability
You need more accountability
Or yet another pointless call on your calendar…

I’ve run masterminds for YEARS and have learned a few key things.

MORE isn’t better.

THE RIGHT connections and accountability are KEY to upleveling and unblocking.

Are you struggling to make progress in your business? 

Feeling isolated and alone?

When you join GIVE Haven you’ll be surrounded by a community of driven individuals who will help you fill in the gaps in your business…

And give you the accountability you need to stay on track.

PLUS we’ll provide you with any resources you need to get past your current blocks.
We know that success doesn’t come from working in a vacuum…
So instead of joining just another mastermind…

Or filling your network with endless Facebook groups…

Why not surround yourself with a tight-knit group of entrepreneurs ACTIVELY seeking out and removing their blockages.

A LOT of groups, masterminds, and programs talk a big game about “Upleveling”...

But few focus on intimate encounters, facilitation, and accountability.

Spending years running massive events has taught me that the true intersection of growth exists when vulnerability meets the right container.

A container that supports entrepreneurs like us to achieve our heart’s desires. 

NOT just scaling, or learning some “weird new trick”. 

IF you want help buying back more of your day…

IF you’re looking to unblock yourself by identifying and removing the obstacles that are stopping you from your success…
Then GIVE HAVEN is for you...
This ISN’T some gimmicky group where people phone in their engagement.

This ISN’T a flood of annoying Discord or Facebook messages that you stop checking.

Intentional containers, focused entrepreneurs, and interactions are the key to growth.
GIVE Haven is designed to bring marketing, operations, and business leaders together to create an ROI-driven experience unlike anyone has ever seen before.  

Our greatest wish is to help you become even more successful, whatever that means for you in your life.

For some, it’s breaking past their current sales goals or increasing NET profits…

Others are focusing on cutting back their time and energy commitments to spend more time with family or working on passion projects…

Maybe it’s just re-focusing on HOW you approach your day to day life, to optimize for happiness or purpose…

No matter what you’re looking for, the one thing I know to be true is that NOBODY succeeds alone.

When you succeed as a part of THE RIGHT tribe…

You can GIVE back more.

I’ve found that I become a more fulfilled and happy person when I focus on the people around me and giving back to them.

Feeding and enriching my soul. 

Want to take your business beyond where it is today?

WITHOUT slaving away and spending countless hours trying to go farther on your own. 

IF you’re sick of sifting through mastermind programs, trying to soak up information…

And you’re the kind of person who knows they don’t need more digital programs or information that won’t get absorbed or deployed…

Then I suggest you focus on PEOPLE.

You will get direct access to me and my network so you can get the specific answer you need, to help solve the specific problems you have AT THAT TIME.

Imagine with me that you come up against an issue in your business…

And rather than having to re-watch or research an online course to help get you the answers…

Instead, you can simply reach out to industry experts in the group and get almost instant help for quick results.
You’ll Get Direct Access To Me, My Network, and ask feedback on whatever you want, plus get connections and help in the group...

You’ll Get Direct Access To Me, My Network, 
AND ASK FEEDBACK ON Whatever You Want, 
PLUS Get Connections And Help In The Group…

One conversation, group call, accountability partner, resource, insight, could make all the difference in your personal life and business.

Possibilities are infinite. 

You don’t know if the next person you talk to is going to be your next best friend, business partner, mentor, or just someone who helps you unlock something in yourself.

That’s the beauty of communities focused on doing whatever they can to GIVE back to each other, and to the world around them.

Selflessness is THE most important character trait I look for in GIVE Think Tank members.

Our foundation is built on the premise of helping others. 

So that’s our North Star

When you follow that, I’ve found everything else in life falls into place.

Yes, that sounds a little “woo-woo” or whatever… but that’s the truth I know.

Hopefully you see the value in growing and creating from a place of selflessness…
So now you know how I view communities, let’s talk about…
GIVE Haven is an exclusive Think Tank for CEO's, CMOs, and marketing weirdos committed to dissecting problems, accelerating growth, & giving back to a meaningful cause.

Here's a look at what's inside:

Monthly LIVE Accountability Calls 

A HUGE part of GIVE Haven is holding each other accountable to goals and current growth plans. Twice a month, every month, we hop on zoom to think tank through members' greatest hurdles, challenges, and stopping points. Together, we GIVE our greatest wins, losses, and painful 'uh-ohs' so others can accelerate their growth and avoid pitfalls along the way. We've blazed the trail already, now's your chance to reap the benefits.

Personal Introductions From Brett

By know you probably know how much joy I get bringing entrepreneurs together. But it's much more than that... I love nothing more than making personal introductions that lead to accelerated success. As a member of GIVE Haven, Brett and his team are here to help connect you with other members kickstart the relationship at any means necessary. 

Mighty Networks Community Portal - Access To Entire Library of GIVE Resource Materials

THE most comprehensive platform that allows EACH AND EVERY member to upload materials that the ENTIRE GIVE Think Tank community can access. From comprehensive programs to live trainings, podcasts, and robust swipe files, as a community we GIVE our all to one another.

Over a Decade Worth Of Brett’s Funnel Templates & Split Tests

I’ve been doing “marketing” A LONG TIME. Like a lot of GIVE Think Tank members. We’ve gleaned A TON of knowledge over the years, and seen what’s worked. We open the floodgates of our templates and split tests with ALL new members.

Proven Swipe, Email Campaigns, And Copy Resource Libraries

Not a copy wizard? No worries. We’ve got your back with an ABSURD amount of copy resources for you. PLUS we have some stellar copywriters in the group for you to bounce ideas and copy off of whenever you want.

Growth Hacks & Case Studies For You To Deploy 

Nothing better than seeing EXACTLY what’s working RIGHT NOW. That’s why my team and I, along with the other GIVE Think Tank members, are committed to helping catalog useful hacks and case studies. That way, we all learn AND win.

Instant Access to our Action Takers Facebook Group 

THIS was the start of GIVE Haven's magical beginning. Enjoy connecting with like minded members, guests, and even future members in a rich environment of support and unrelentless giving.

Shareable Funnels & Templates From GIVE Think Tank Members

Do you LOVE turn key? We do too. Who doesn’t like an “easy button” when it comes to funnels? We’ve got a whole library of funnels from the past decade you can easily adapt and deploy.

LIVE In Person Workshops  

GIVING back is what we’re all about. The best way to do that? Hold workshops where we can come together and collaborate to CREATE even more impact. But even better, you get the perks of attending these incredible invite-only events at a member's only discount. Yes, the perks keep coming!

Discounted Tools, Programs & Training From GIVE Haven Members

No surprise, a lot of our members offer implementable resources and have offers of their own. As a GIVE Think Tank member, you’ll get special access, save some serious moolah, AND get extra bonuses from the other members. Frickin’ sweet right? 

*Special Advanced Trainings From Brett AND GIVE Haven Members

What’s the point of having industry GIANTS in GIVE Think Tank if we’re not going to have them drop all the wisdom? Get ready, because you’re going to drink from a knowledge firehose.  And here's how this works...

EVERY GIVE Haven call has a dedicated GIVE Of The Week. This special GIVE provides one member the opportunity to share something valuable for 10 minutes.

It could be a new strategy... A new approach to an old process... A new service or tool that's getting great results. 

WHATEVER it may be, this is where our members GIVE back to each other to help elevate the room. Even if it's their own product or service, as long as it's driving value, it's something I want shared with our room.

Yes, even as a new member, you will have the opportunity to share in front of the GIVE Haven group. 

To get an idea on what GIVE Of The Weeks look like, here's a few examples for you to enjoy...
Funnels That Scale On Facebook With Jeremy Gillespie, Built To Scale
Getting Sponsors For Any Company With Brett Fairall
Mastering Email Deliverability 
With Brendan Dubbels, Ontraport
Exploring AI Technologies & Uses 
With Tyler Bertie, Rocket Funnels
Because I want to focus on community and GIVE back campaigns.

I want to help every entrepreneur who needs help... Because they feel stuck or blocked. 

This is my way of directly working with an exclusive smaller group of committed business owners.

I’m fed up with “fluffy” paid programs and membership communities… 

You probably know the ones. 

Groups run by the “gurus” who aren’t even in there connecting with the intention to help their members out.

Well, those groups and gurus aren’t my people…

My intention is to make sure you have what you need...

To make sure YOU have exactly the kind of support system you’re looking for…

Why? Because you need a network of “guys”. 

People you have top of mind for ANY situation you might find yourself in.

Someone to call anytime you have a problem. 

THAT is what having a strong community is all about. 

Being able to directly connect and lay everything out there…

OK SO, I can go on and on about the value AND my hopes for GIVE Think Tank…

But I don’t want to blow smoke up my own butt…

Instead, listen to some of the founding members of GIVE Think Tank for yourself.
hear from our members
Tyler Bertie
Rocket Funnels
Christine McAllister
Life With Passion
Dr. Robert Love
The Better Memory System
Chad Tackett
Committed 100

"Joining GIVE Haven was one of the best business decisions I've ever made."

Joining GIVE Haven was one of the best business decisions I've ever made. Having been part of and started several masterminds over the years, I'm aware of the work it takes to produce something of top value. Many masterminds are just too generic and only focus on what the host wants to focus on. This is completely different. 

With presentations by top experts and hot seats to discuss YOUR problems, this is by far the best investment of time and money you can put into your company. Every time we meet I walk away with several ideas on how to grow, expand and improve. 

Not an overwhelming or distracting amount, just enough to keep me on the edge and push my company higher and further. If you're looking for that edge, I would highly recommend GIVE Haven.

-Bobby Cardwell, Health Means

"I can't recommend this program enough."

Brett has this uncanny ability to discover a business' most pressing need, then help find a person or product to fill that need. Getting the right people together, while creating and cultivating a culture of sharing, puts businesses miles ahead of their competitors. I can't recommend this program enough.  

- Scott Rewick, Native Path

"My business has never grown so fast and I 100% attribute that to the community and network Give Haven provides."

I can't begin to explain how impactful Brett and the community has been for me personally and my business. My business has never grown so fast and I 100% attribute that to the community and network Give Haven provides.

Brett has not only gone out of his way to make sure I have what I need, but he's following up to see how things are going and proactively connecting me with MAJOR players. Simply put, the information and support is unmatched.

GIVE Haven is a MUST for anyone who is ready to take their business to the next level... immediately.
- Jeremy Gillispie, Built To Scale

"There are a lot of BS membership groups, this isn't one of them."

“Here’s the deal, there are A LOT of BS membership groups, communities and programs that slog information at you. Bunch of them make over the top promises they can’t possibly deliver on to lure you in. 

Some rarely listen to feedback from their members because they’re so focused on getting new blood into the groups and are always in a selling mode. Brett doesn’t do that. GIVE Haven is about helping each other rise up, create and do more, and have IMPACT on the people around us. 

GIVING back to communities and affecting change matters, especially to Brett, and that’s obvious the more you get involved in Haven. If you’re on the fence, don’t be. Join.”

- Peter Hewlett, Conversion Consultant & Copywriter

"Words cannot express how valuable the mastermind has been for me, my business, and my growth as a human."

Joining the GIVE mastermind is the best investment you could possibly make in yourself and your business. Words cannot express how valuable the mastermind has been for me, my business, and my growth as a human.

I have learned things in the group that are worth tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to me in my business over the next year. And I’ve had brilliant business men and women reach out to help me solve problems in real time.

And the emotional support and the love and care and kindness of the group is so wonderful. It’s so great to be in a group of entrepreneurs who like each other and care about each other and are willing to help each other.

Being in this group has been so valuable to me, you can’t put a price tag on it. I highly recommend you invest in yourself, your business, and your mission in this world and join the group. I guarantee you will get at least 10X the value of your investment in the first month!

- Dr. Robert Love, Better Memory System
You’ve probably noticed… I didn’t include a ton of “blow smoke up my butt” testimonials from people trying to brown nose. 

Why is that? Because I’d rather have RAW AND HONEST feedback from the founding members of GIVE Haven, then BS.

My goal is to LISTEN to the contributions members have, their opinions, advice, and feedback… so I can create the best experience possible. 
4 Ways To Grow & Scale with give haven 
5 Easy Ways To Grow & Scale 
With GIVE Haven

Personal Introductions From Brett

Hint hint: take advantage of Brett's generosity. But seriously, if you have a need for traffic, Brett will make an intro. If you need CRO, he's got a guy. Heck, if you need compliance review, editing, dev, design, high level branding, scaling, operations, counseling, dog walking, yeah... you're getting the point. Brett has a guy (and girl) for that. 

Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls / AMA’s

The true value of GIVE Haven is not just leading-edge information, but ACCESS. Once a month Brett will hold a coaching call based on your pre-submitted questions and provide best practices and direct answers so you can get immediate results. This will include LIVE AMA’s.

GIVE Haven Mighty Networks FULL Access Portal

This is the ‘portal’ of where all things GIVE Think Tank will be delivered including support, access, announcements, links, and details.

Monthly “Implementation Calls”

One a month Brett will have a guest implementer to help you deploy any technical strategies. To answer specific questions about FB Ads manager, CRM’s, Funnels, Landing Pages, etc. to ensure you don’t get stuck in any of the tech needed for quick results.

Special Guest Training/AMA’s

Behind the scenes interviews and training from industry leaders & underground legends you may not have heard of before, all revealing of content you won't find elsewhere else. But not only will you get good content, you’ll get LIVE Q&As with them.
So here’s the deal… 
I’m not going to pressure you with false scarcity…

I’m not going to overload a value stack Brunson style and try to make you think you’re getting the best deal ever…

Or do some “Fast Action” takers discount. 

I TRULY believe that GIVE Think Tank can AND will help ANY entrepreneur.

Regardless of if you’re making 100K as a freelancer… Own a 50 million dollar a year business, or have 100+ employees.

Why? Because it’s about accessing quality people who are COMMITTED to doing whatever it takes to unblock themselves and…
No B.S. or pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes. 

We’re all adults with businesses here who are sick and tired of stupid marketing gimmicks and “tricks”. 

My ask is simple…

Commit to 1 month of GIVE Haven.

If you’re not into it, don’t like the community, hate the content, don’t see the value in this crazy “value stack”...

Then cancel and no hard feelings. 

Sound reasonable? 

Well, maybe a glimpse at your personal Think Tank community will help make the decision for you...
Brett Fairall
GIVE & Morning Man
Jeremy Gillespie 
Built To Scale
Jonathan Hunsaker
Scott Rewick
Matt Bockenstette
Copy Legends
Christine McAllister
Life With Passion
Chad Tackett
Committed 100
Tracy Magee-Graham
Lady Fleet
Luis Diaz
Podcast Domination
Kajsa Nelson
Concierge Data Management
Josh Valencia
Dr. Robert Love 
The Better Memory System
Keith Bresee
Ashton Marshall
Influencer Agency
Jeremy Pape
Collective Culture
Dylan Gaines
Maui Processing
Rudy Sanchez
Smash Gyms
Tyler Bertie
Rocket Funnels
Peter Hewlett
Conversion & Copy Consultant
Bobby Cardwell
Health Means
Joe Foley
Corporate Disk Company
Addison Rice
Lunacy Creative
Brendan Dubbels
Andrea Duffy
Ann Marie Skincare
Jon Reyes
Copy Blueprints
Victoria Van Jacobs
Corporate Disk Company
Sarah Crocker
Ben Teal
The Teal Agency
Kim Ressler
Snip Nutrition
Devan Monette
Lunacy Creative
Jana Danielson
Metta District
Margie Bissinger
Healthfit Consultants
Dr. Keesha Ewers
Ian Clark 
Activation Products
Jason Coates
Collective Culture  
Sean Rosario
Warrior Health Foundation
Ready To Secure 
Your Company's Growth?
Surround yourself with impact-driven entrepreneurs that’ll hold you accountable, help you Overcome your greatest growing pains & ACCELERATE past your next level of success…
The GIVE Think Tank is an exclusive community of business leaders designed to hold you accountable to your goals...

And help you overcome any growing pains you might be experiencing, virtually guaranteeing your success. 

Through the infinite power of giving, GIVE Think Tank will provide you the information and community access you need to grow and scale your business with ease.
what you get:
  • Monthly LIVE Accountability Calls 
  • ​Personal Introductions from Brett
  • Mighty Networks Community Portal - Access To Entire GIVE Haven Materials
  • ​Proven Swipe, Email Campaigns, And Copy Resource Libraries
  • Over a Decade Worth Of Brett’s Funnel Templates & Split Tests
  • ​Growth Hacks & Case Studies For You To Deploy 
  • Instant Access to our Action Takers Facebook Group
  • ​Shareable ClickFunnels Funnels & Templates From GIVE Think Tank Members
  • *Special Advanced Trainings From Brett AND Members Of GIVE Think Tank
  • ​Discounts on Tools, Programs & Training Offered by GIVE Think Tank Members 
  • LIVE In Person Philanthropy Workshops  

$4,997 annually


I know we're in the business of giving here, but if at any point you feel you're getting 100% of your investment. 

Then we'll give you your entire investment back... no questions asked.

That's right! We're so confident that you’re going to love GIVE so much, and that you will leave with new tactics, strategies, and new business relationships...
That will explode your list and take your business to the next level, that we'er going to guarantee it for life. 

If at any time during the first month of being a member, you are unimpressed or underwhelmed by the presentations, breakouts, or even the activities…. 

Or maybe even a few months after cancelling your membership, you felt it wasn't exactly what you expected (and more), then we'll immediately return your full investment.

With such a big guarantee, we have one request — that you give it your all. 

Quite simply when you show up to our mastermind calls, meetups, workshops, and our Mighty Networks member portal...

Be present, and GIVE your best self to others and the causes we support. Nothing more.

Sound fair? Good.
Also: If you purchase today and, over the next 48 hours, you feel that you aren't ready or able to able to commit after all… then we’ll give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked. 
Our #1 priority is to make sure you get the absolute most out of your investment, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you feel whole in every situation possible.
ATTN: Traffic & Conversion 2018 Attendees...
Attend The One Private Mastermind 
That Guarantees A Positive ROI
...Because Let's Be Honest, Why Sift Through A Room Of 6000 Marketers When You Can Attend An Exclusive Micro-Event That ONLY Allows The Cream Of The Crop
Can my 'team' or 'business partner' join with me?
Admission is for 1 GIVE Think Tank seat (1 Facebook Profile). If you need a partner to have access they can either log in through your Facebook profile or purchase a second seat.
I just want info...
Just want information? This is not for you. Want INSIGHT, ACCESS, AND AN INCREDIBLE COMMUNITY? These are usually big needle movers.
What kind of info do I get?
GIVE Think Tank is unlike any other education platform available. Instead of piling information on you until you feel like going crazy - GIVE Think Tank is all about 'access'. Weekly calls and group access. Access to me, access to other top notch entrepreneurs in their respective fields. If you want to run with the big dogs, THIS is where you need to be.
I have spent a ton on courses and program in the past, what makes this different?
Brett won't sleep until you feel and quantify the value from this investment. Whether a personal introduction to fellow members in the group, templates and assets from previous funnels, or even he will sit down and help write you some example variations for you funnel. Whatever it is, unlike other events, masterminds, and courses, Brett is willing to take an additional effort to ensure you make back your investment over and over again.
How do I know GIVE Think Tank is right for me?
Are you stuck right now? Not sure about the path to take? Well... That's what this community is for. Knowing you have someone to talk to regardless of the issues is KEY to your future success. Having people in your corner all the way will help you get to where you want to go a hell of a lot faster.

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