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Finally, Surround Yourself With 7, 8, AND 9-FIGURE Entrepreneurs motivated to smash annoying plateaus, breeze by crazy stretch goals with ease, implement underground Tools, tactics, & shortcuts to finally kickstart your success into high gear
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Let your competition pay a premium to "network" at Sandals resorts — 
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GIVE Scottsdale 2023
GIVE LIVE is a two-day immersive workshop where business leaders GIVE 100% of themselves to support the fellow entrepreneur AND give back to a meaningful cause. 

Come join us March 2023 to discover the latest strategies in exploding, protecting, and keeping your wealth as well as support veterans struggling with PTSD, TBIs and suicide — click the link to learn more....
(LIVE Workshops & Gatherings 2x / Year)
GIVE HAVEN think tank
GIVE Haven is an exclusive virtual Think Tank for CEOs, CMOs, and marketing weirdos committed to dissecting problems, accelerating growth, and giving back to a meaningful cause.

Like our live events, our GIVE Haven Think Tank is flooded with overwhelming value but designed for consistent accountability, check-ins, hot seats, and deep problem solving. We show up to help each other grow and scale — I bet we can help you too...
(Virtual Accountability 2x / Month)
FUTURE PARTNERS, FRIENDS, & million+ dollar connections...
Rick Kaselj
Exercises For Injuries
Matt Bockenstette
Copy Legends
Luis Diaz
Podcast Domination
Scott Rewick
Scale School
Monique Daniel
Supplement Millionaire
Jesse Matney
Just Thrive Probiotics
Chad Tackett
Committed 100
Dylan Gaines
International Payment Solutions
Luis Madrid
Webforce HQ
Tyler Bertie
Rocket Funnels
Christine McAllister
Life With Passion
Dr. Robert Love
The Better Memory System

"Joining GIVE Haven was one of the best business decisions I've ever made."

Joining GIVE Haven was one of the best business decisions I've ever made. Having been part of and started several masterminds over the years, I'm aware of the work it takes to produce something of top value. Many masterminds are just too generic and only focus on what the host wants to focus on. This is completely different. 

With presentations by top experts and hot seats to discuss YOUR problems, this is by far the best investment of time and money you can put into your company. Every time we meet I walk away with several ideas on how to grow, expand and improve. 

Not an overwhelming or distracting amount, just enough to keep me on the edge and push my company higher and further. If you're looking for that edge, I would highly recommend GIVE Haven.

- Bobby Cardwell, Health Means

"My business has never grown so fast and I 100% attribute that to the community and network Give Haven provides."

I can't begin to explain how impactful Brett and the community has been for me personally and my business. My business has never grown so fast and I 100% attribute that to the community and network Give Haven provides.

Brett has not only gone out of his way to make sure I have what I need, but he's following up to see how things are going and proactively connecting me with MAJOR players. Simply put, the information and support is unmatched.

GIVE Haven is a MUST for anyone who is ready to take their business to the next level... immediately.
- Jeremy Gillespie, Built To Scale

"I can't recommend this program enough."

Brett has this uncanny ability to discover a business' most pressing need, then help find a person or product to fill that need. Getting the right people together, while creating and cultivating a culture of sharing, puts businesses miles ahead of their competitors. I can't recommend this program enough.  

- Scott Rewick, Native Path

"There are a lot of BS membership groups... This isn't one of them."

“Here’s the deal, there are A LOT of BS membership groups, communities and programs that slog information at you. Bunch of them make over the top promises they can’t possibly deliver on to lure you in. 

Some rarely listen to feedback from their members because they’re so focused on getting new blood into the groups and are always in a selling mode. Brett doesn’t do that. GIVE Haven is about helping each other rise up, create and do more, and have IMPACT on the people around us. 

GIVING back to communities and affecting change matters, especially to Brett, and that’s obvious the more you get involved in Haven. If you’re on the fence, don’t be. Join.”

- Peter Hewlett, Conversion Consultant & Copywriter

"Words cannot express how valuable the mastermind has been for me, my business, and my growth as a human."

Joining the GIVE mastermind is the best investment you could possibly make in yourself and your business. Words cannot express how valuable the mastermind has been for me, my business, and my growth as a human.

I have learned things in the group that are worth tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to me in my business over the next year. And I’ve had brilliant business men and women reach out to help me solve problems in real time.

And the emotional support and the love and care and kindness of the group is so wonderful. It’s so great to be in a group of entrepreneurs who like each other and care about each other and are willing to help each other.

Being in this group has been so valuable to me, you can’t put a price tag on it. I highly recommend you invest in yourself, your business, and your mission in this world and join the group. I guarantee you will get at least 10X the value of your investment in the first month!

- Dr. Robert Love, Better Memory System
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